This warranty certifies that the jewelry you have purchased om Anthony and co. jewelers contains the exact purity of gold or platinum that is carefully stamped inside each piece of jewelry.

Anthony and co. jewelers guarantees that …

You are never stuck with a purchase from our stores. We will exchange evenly within 30 days .

After 30 days, if you wish to trade in your diamond, we will allow full purchase price towards a diamond at least twice the value of the original piece.

Your Lifetime Guarantee is your assurance that...

We will replace any diamond which in normal use chips, cracks or separates from its mounting and is lost, with a diamond of equal retail value for the purchaser's lifetime , provided the diamond has been cleaned and checked by Anthony and co. jewelers at least every three months and the inspection has been verified and updated in the system by an authorized representative of Anthony and co. jewelers.

This warranty does not cover the loss of a diamond if the entire head has been lost from its setting.

The Warranty will be considered void if the diamond merchandise is worked on by any other jeweler other than a Anthony and co. jeweler authorized jeweler.

We may recommend replacing a prong and or other parts in order to eliminate the possibility of loss of your diamond. In the event of such repair or replacement is required, you may be charged a nominal fee.

This lifetime warranty does not apply to cover accidental loss and or theft of the diamond and mounting. We urge you to insure our diamond jewelry for casualty loss. Consult your insurance agent for proper coverage. 

Your lifetime warranty will be honored when you bring your diamond to any authorized Anthony and co. jewelers locations. Remember you must have your diamond inspected every three months and the inspection verified in the system to keep your lifetime warranty valid.

There are no warranties, expressed or implied, written or oral, other than as set fourth herein. The warrantor shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.